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Crazy Stuff Happened During Nashville's Stanley Cup Final win over Pittsburgh

I must have tried 250 different combinations trying to write the headline for this story because there were so many crazy, bizarre yet oddly cute moments during the Nashville Predators 5-1 Stanley Cup Finals win over Pittsburgh to try and summarize it in 2-lines.

The game, a first for "Nash-Vegas" a city which had never hosted a Professional Sports Championship game. Until now. And you guessed it, the locals went head-over-heels "Hog Wild" in what can only be described as a charming "Circus Like" Atmosphere.

It started early as thousands-upon-thousands of Gold Jersey clad fans gathered in and among the various bars around Broadway, near the Bridgestone Arena.

The first sign of craziness? Welp, look who showed up to participate in a Predators tradition---Destroying a car with a Sledgehammer:

Yes, that really is former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. And the blonde guy with the crazy mullet? Brother Rob....(yes, it is his real hair)

But that was before the game. During the game: There were catfish all over the place. And yeah, it is a really weird way to celebrate, but if you've ever spent time in Nashville (I lived there for 4-years) it actually makes some sense.

It got bad enough that Penguins backup goalie Marc Andre-Fleury had to help get a dead, smelly catfish off the ice.

Subban explained it after the game:

Gotta love that.

The Penguins do hold a 2-1 lead in the Best-of-Seven series with Game 4 slated for Monday night again in Nashville....

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