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Lionel Messi is getting his own Chinese Theme Park?

Imagine...if you will---you are named by most observers the best active Soccer Player on the planet and you want to leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations.

Have a stadium named after you? Or a field? Or make a huge donation to have a building named after you?

How about commissioning your own theme park? Yup, that's what Argentinian Soccer Legend and FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi and his representatives are going to do.

According to reports---Team Messi has agreed with Spanish and Chinese developers to build a Theme Park in his image.

The location: Nanjing, China....

The park--which supposedly will feature upwards of 20 attractions, a huge indoor facility along with a 100,000+ square foot outdoor facility would open in just two years---2019. The groups developing the facility--Chinese Broadcasters The Phoenix Group and Spanish conglomerate Group MediaPro say the park will feature the latest and greatest of technology and interactive experiences for those looking to be like Messi....

Um, okay.

We know soccer stars are treated like royalty overseas and arguably they should be. But is there really so much demand that thousands upon thousands would descend upon a giant park to become like Messi? Would you go? Yeah, me either....but just wanted to pass this along because most of you probably reacted the way I did to seeing this story....

Here's a compilation reel of Messi's greatest kicks this past year....maybe this will motivate you to visit his park??


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