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Mr. Met Flipping Fan the Bird is Summary of Mets Season So Far

The story sounds almost like something out of the movie Major League....

In the midst of a highly disappointing start to the 2017 season, what happened Wednesday night may be the most indirect example of the team, management and the fans frustration you'll likely ever see.

Mets mascot "Mr. Met" was making his way into the tunnel at Citi Field when some Mets fans tried to get his attention. Instead of stopping and waving....or even just ignoring the fans and continuing on his way---Mr. Met did this....

It's a short clip--but no, your eyes did not deceive you, he flipped them off. Which um, is not good. And yes, the guy under the giant baseball head is in trouble. Likely fired....the Mets issued a statement apologizing for what happened.

Maybe it was just the frustration of losing 7-1 Wednesday night vs. the Milwaukee Brewers. Amazingly, the Mets are in second place in the National League Least (East)---possibly baseball's worst division. Their 23-28 record puts them 9 games behind the first place Washington Nationals and a game ahead of the 3rd place Atlanta Braves (22-29).

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