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"As Close To A 'Death Penalty' As You Can Get..."

((HT: WEVV-TV Evansville))

The above quote comes from an Indianapolis-based attorney advising one of the coaches tied the 21 NCAA charges facing Ole Miss and the football program.

Bruse Loyd, of Jones, Gillaspia, and Loyd, LLC represents Barney Farrar- who is listed in four Level I violations of the 21 the university is being accused of that include:

  • Providing lodging and transportation to Ole Miss Football recruits worth $2,200, and meals worth $235

  • Providing false information knowingly about recruiting violations when asked by the NCAA and Ole Miss Football

  • Boosters contacting one athlete committed to another NCAA football program, and allowed a cash payment(s) to that athlete worth $13-15,000

  • Distributing athletic gear, courtesy of a company owned by an Ole Miss booster, to recruits

The full list can be found by clicking here...

And the JoJo Gentry interview with Loyd can be found here where Loyd discusses a possible result and repercussions to his client.

CBS Sports Dennis Dodd caught up with QB Shea Patterson and got his take on the bowl game ban for this season. Patterson still believes in his coach and team...

The end result should be interesting...

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