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Dumb Replay Rule Completely Changes Stanley Cup Finals Game 1

If you are a Nashville Predators fan, this was the most puzzling, ridiculous call of the season. If you love the Pittsburgh Penguins fan, you shrug your shoulders and say--"The rules are the rules".

And both of you would be right.

The Penguins won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday night 5-3 in a game where amazingly they got only 12 shots on goal.

But...a play early in the 1st period may have changed the game completely.

Here's the setup: The Predators came out flying--attacking on all cylinders and peppering Pittsburgh Goalie Matt Murray with shots.

Just 10 minutes into the game---Nashville's star Defenseman--P.K. Subban found himself with a clean shot at Murray--at least until traffic flashed in front of the Penguins goalie, enabling Subban's shot to make it to the net between Murray's leg pads and glove.

With the shot--the Predators thought they jumped out to a 1-0 lead. But that would be short-lived as Pittsburgh Head Coach Mike Sullivan challenged the call using the new "Offsides" replay rule.

Amazingly--the league determined this was enough to overturn the goal call.

In most other professional sports leagues, the replay has to be irrefutable in order for the game call to be changed. And while arguably you could say "Yeah, he was offsides", you could also argue it is impossible to tell on a blurry shot and action that happened in a millisecond.

The goal was waved off and so began the flurry from the Penguins who while they didn't get a lot of shots on goal--obviously made them count as Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne failed to stop much.

Up 1 game to none in the series, Game 2 is Wednesday night again in Pittsburgh.

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