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Watch: A Baseball Throwin' Minor League Baseball Fight in Dayton

Here's one for you: A Base-Brawl where a shoving match featured a ball being thrown at another player from close, close range.

The Dayton Dragons and Western Michigan Whitecaps played a 9-inning draw at Fifth Third Field, the game going to extra innings tied at 1 with the Whitecaps scoring a run in the 10th to grab a 2-1 win.

The game will likely be remembered however for a play that happened in the top of the 6th inning.

It began when Western Michigan's Jose Siri singled and then tried to steal 2nd base with teammate Taylor Trammel at the plate. Siri barely beat the throw, sliding under the tag of Dragons SS Danny Pinero. Replays show what appears to be Pinero stepping on Siri's leg or ankle and the Whitecaps speedster was not happy.

Siri gets up, shoves Pinero to the ground and from that point--the benches clear and it's on.

Watch the video closely because after the teams start shoving a glaring angrily at each other---something else happened.

Check out Whitecap relief pitcher Eduardo Jimenez run in with his hooded sweatshirt on and launch a fastball from about 5 feet away at the leg of Dayton's Jesse Stallings.

Jimenez throws the ball and then like a coward, runs away from the incident which was not seen by the umpire. Stallings went down and likely has a heck of a bruise but was otherwise uninjured.

Both Siri and Pinero were tossed from the game and the umpires did eventually restore order. We suspect once the Midwest League Offices see this video, Jimenez is likely to face some punishment as well.

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