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Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant On Enes Kanter

((HT: CBS News))

The Turkish Government certainly isn't done with Oklahoma City Thunder big man Enes Kanter...

After last week, where Kanter was detained in a Hungarian airport after the government flagged and revoked his passport, Kanter has gone public with his saga in Romania and returning to the United States.

Here was a part of Stage One with "Tiki and Tierney" on CBS Sports Network

Now, the government is wanting Kanter to face charges in his home country. The warrant "refers to Kanter's alleged use of an encrypted messaging application called Bylock- which Turkey claims was especially created for Gulen supporters."

Kanter has referred to Turkey President Erdogan as the "Hitler of this century" and is a supporter of cleric Fethulleh Gulen- an outspoken cleric living in Pennsylvania. The government blames Gulen for the coup attempt last year in the country and wants him extradited as well.

Kanter wants to become a US citizen and currently has a green card, That can take up to five years to happen, however.

Michael McCann discusses over at, but Turkey has a long ordeal in trying to get Kanter extradited. The larger issues are the charge the country could present to the US government, but could be just-as-easily defended in an American court.

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