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Homer Simpson: Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

The name reeks of Baseball: Homer. Homer Jay Simpson. And he has been the star of the longest running TV show in recent history.

And now something else: Homer Simpson is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York this week.

Yes, really.

Thousands upon thousands of MLB Starts have yet to earn plaques in Baseball's "Hallowed Ground" but thanks in large part to an episode that aired in 1992, Homer will be amongst the legends of the game.

That's right, read the plaque closely and think back to this....

And if you are curious and for some reason one of the few who haven't seen the episode in question---this is a portion of it....

And on the odd chance you wondered how a cartoon character would appear in a real life scenario, well take a look as Homer hangs with his HOF pals....

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