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Pittsburgh Banning Catfish Sales To Preds Fans


It's a tradition that dates back to when the Detroit Red Wings came to town and Nashville Predators' fans felt they had to do something in line with their octopus toss back at Joe Louis Arena...

Something distinctly Nashvillian... How about a fish...???

And the night Keith Urban sang the National Anthem, he got involved...

But, if Preds fans are looking to make a point on the road, it might be a little tougher...

SBNation has a story from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and a telling quote about the upcoming Final:

“You have to show ID if you want to buy catfish here,” co-owner Jim Wholey told the Tribune-Review Friday. “If you're from Tennessee we're not selling it to you.”

The HQ would like to see how this is enforced, but on the other hand, how many folks in Pennsylvania buy catfish on a regular basis... It will be interesting to see if it goes down in SteelTown.

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