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University of New Mexico trying to explain Publicly Funded golf outing for boosters

We all know in College Football these days it is about one thing---Money. Power 5 Conference teams seem to spend it willy nilly for gigantic practice facilities with accommodations nice enough to be in a super luxury resort.

That's why Mid-Major University of New Mexico raised some eyebrows recently when they admitted spending $64,000 public dollars on a fancy Golf Outing for administrators and potential advertisers and boosters.

KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, NM reports Athletic Director Paul Krebs signed off and spent the money on the trip without telling his boss, President Chaouki Abdullah.

The stations reports Krebs initially said he paid his and Basketball Coach Craig Neal's way for the trip to Scotland for a round of golf. He later fessed up to paying for not all---but several of the participants tabs as well.

What made it worse: Krebs waited two years---likely until the TV station started asking questions--before telling his boss what happened. He initially expensed the cost as a "Basketball Tournament" in Ireland. Which maybe I'm wrong---but aside from out-and-out lying is also among other things "Falsifying Documents" and "Theft".

Here's the KRQE Story:

It speaks volumes to the money of "Big Time" college sports--a game increasingly only profitable to Power 5 schools with big TV deals. The Lobos play in the Mountain West and have had some moderate success, but in order to keep up with the Jonses, are trying to spend money to make money which is the "Catch 22" of College Sports.

The bubble will soon burst, it is just a matter of who gets blown to the wayside.

As for Paul Krebs, it is amazing he hid this for two years--yet offers no real apologies for wasting money like that. He appears to have falsified documents--yet isn't charged with anything. If a lower level employee did something like this---that employee would have been fired on the spot and likely arrested.

But when you live on the upper levels of management---those rules apparently don't apply.

((ht: krqe-tv))

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