Thom Brenneman interviews real bird during Reds rally

Actual Interview photo

It was I think just a week or so ago when we talked about baseball teams and how they adopt an animal or thing that appears on the field when the team does well and it becomes an "Unofficial Mascot"....

Sunday during the Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies game at the Great American Ball Park, the Reds tried to employ the same strategy...only this time with a twist.

During the 7th inning of the game, just after the Reds scored three runs to close the score to 6-4, a bird---Pigeon to be exact--flew in and landed in the broadcast booth.

Being one to "Seize the Moment", Reds TV guys Thom Brenneman took the opportunity to name the bird (Rally Bird) and proceeded to conduct an interview. We aren't sure who supplied the voice--but the interview was funny. Very funny....

Alas, the "Rally Bird" likely will not become a permanent member of the Reds Broadcast crew. His presence had no further luck as the Reds were unable to score again and lost to Colorado 6-4......

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