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Boxing Match ends after DQ, winners Uncle then Sucker Punches Loser

And this is why Boxing is no longer the glamour sport it once was just a generation or two before.....

Saturday night, a Super Middleweight bout for the interim IBF title between highly thought after Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui ended unceremoniously after Uzcategui punched--and knocked down Dirrell after the 8th round bell rang.

The referee disqualified Uzcategui giving Dirrell the win.....that's when things got weird. Fast.....

Dirrell's relatives, in the Maryland crowd to watch the fight---caused a scene trying to get to the ring to see if Andre, who laid on the ground for a good couple of minutes while talking to the referee---was alright.

However, without the proper credentials---security wouldn't let them in the ring.

But it got worse---much worse. Direll's cornerman, a.k.a His Uncle decided he'd take out some frustration on Uzcategui by throwing a sucker punch on the Venezuelan boxer.

Dirrell walks out of the arena with the belt. His uncle, according to reports Sunday morning--has yet to be found.

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