Braves vs. Blue Jays: Two Bench Clearing Incidents and lasting memories

To anyone's knowledge there is no outward reason why two of baseball's more mediocre teams should be beefing with each other, yet Wednesday night's Atlanta Braves vs. Toronto Blue Jays game featured two bench clearing incidents and an injury. All while the Braves cruised to an 8-4 win.

Let's get to the injury first. Braves star 1B Freddie Freeman was hit by a pitch on his wrist in the bottom of the 5th inning. Freeman arguably has been the best player in Baseball through the 1st quarter of the season and immediately left the game.

The Braves were not thrilled about the injury, in the top of the 6th, pitcher Mike Foltynewicz bounced a pitch off a Blue Jays hitters leg as payback. No harm--no foul.

But things went downhill from there......

In the 7th inning, the benches cleared after Braves reliever Jason Motte threw what is being called a "Quick Pitch", striking out Toronto CF Kevin Pillar to end the inning.

Replays would show Pillar mouthing what looks like a vulgar insult to Motte after the pitch.

He (Pillar) would later apologize....

But it was the last incident of the night which will likely leave lasting memories. Blue Jays slugger and noted troublemaker Jose Bautista caught a fat pitch and knocked it deep into the Atlanta night. And as he's wont to do, finished the swing with an overly dramatic bat flip.

The Braves were not amused, cursing at Bautista as he rounded the bases, his team still trailing by 4 runs. And yes, the benches again cleared....

The Braves let it be known it was not appreciated....we'll leave this recap highlighting an interview with Braves pitcher Eric O'Flaherty after the game....

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