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New Title IX Suit Filed Against Baylor

((HT: Waco Tribune/Ericksen, ESPN/Lavigne-Schlabach))

A seventh...

Yes, seventh... Title IX lawsuit has now been filed against Baylor University by a former student-athlete who says she was gang raped by football players back in 2012. If this is true, then the culture that then-head football coach Art Briles and then-President Kenneth Starr said was being addressed clearly was not.

The lawsuit also alleges that the gang rapes were "bonding" experiences and that a phone-recorded video of another alleged incident existed at the time and was shared by football players.

Contrary to what the university has said was the timeline of families reporting rapes to the school, the plaintiff and her family say they talked to Baylor University a full nine months before.

Baylor University released a statement that said, in part:

"As this case proceeds, Baylor maintains its ability to present facts — as available to the University — in response to the allegations contained in the legal filing," the statement said. "The University's response in no way changes Baylor's position that any assault involving members of our campus community is reprehensible and inexcusable. Baylor remains committed to eliminating all forms of sexual and gender-based harassment and discrimination within our campus community."

But Jane Doe maintains in her suit that she was harassed by players - to the point that they told her that she "wanted it," and that multiple contacts with both academic and athletics personnel of the university went unheeded and any investigation into Doe's charge just didn't go anywhere.

Let's go back to the beginning of all this, thanks to the ESPN Investigations Unit to explain what the culture was like at points in the last few years

Both the Ericksen and Lavigne/Schlabach reads are mandatory for context...

And the new suit falls in line with the timetables given by some regents in their separate filing in 2013.

Here's where we address the elephant in the room- going somewhere that the HQ feels Baylor should have gone a long time ago...

Away... Thanks to Outside The Lines...

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