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Quick Kick by Nacho on a Free Kick helps Real Madrid get sneaky fast win

Soccer, just like any other sport is about taking advantage of opportunities, right? Nacho, a striker for Real Madrid (not a dish served at a restaurant) decided this weekend when opportunity knocks---he should walk right in.

Sunday during Real Madrid's game vs. Sevilla, a crucial La Liga game if Real wants to win the trophy, Nacho took things into his own hands during his teams 4-1 win.

Shortly after a penalty in the 10th minute of the game, he got his team on the scoreboard with one of the more unconventional goals you will ever see.

After the foul on Sevilla for knocking down teammate Marco Asensio was called, the referee put the ball down near the box where Nacho would get a kick. The ref never said or indicated play would resume after a whistle...or anything else.

So while Sevilla casually began organizing their defense after the call, Nacho stepped up and kicked the ball by stunned goalie Sergio Rico. It happened so fast, the TV cameras and director were not ready for it.

Sevilla frantically argued the goal--but to no avail. It changed the tone of the game and helped spur Real Madrid to the win....

We give you NACHO!!!


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