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#SagerStrong wins First Sports Emmy 5 Months After Passing Away

One of Sports Broadcastings most colorful characters passed away December 15th honored, revered and loved by many---especially those in the NBA. His battle with cancer was well documented and tracked by those in and those out of the business.

But one thing Sager never did in his long career on the sidelines was win a National Emmy for his work.

Until now....

Tuesday night Sager got one thing he never accomplished in life--he was named Outstanding Sports Personality/Sports Reporter.

The award moved his friends and co-workers at Turner Sports so much---they stopped what they were doing during "Inside the NBA" to announce what happened.

We couldn't be more happy to hear this news either, it was a wonderful tribute to a well-loved personality who worked his hardest to have a good time and just plain inform people.

For those of you unfamiliar--here's the video Sager's friends at Turner Sports produced shortly after his passing....

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