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Soccer Linesman Red Carded after hurling during match

File this one under the category of "Making a Bad Day Worse", though admittedly it was really just a funny joke.

Sunday afternoon during a Scottish Premiership Match between Dundee and Kilmarnock was delayed for a a couple minutes before a corner kick due to discomfort from linesman Andrew McWilliam who was handling the play.

And when we say discomfort--we mean of the intestinal sorts.

McWilliam appears to double over briefly before turning away from the pitch and yup, out comes lunch to the applause of the fans in the stadium.

Not once--but twice.

That's when referee Craig Thomson stepped in.

Um, well, okay Thomson appears to be laughing but decides the best way to handle the incident---issue a Red Card. Yes, the entire stadium and announce team got a good laugh and McWilliam just had a really uncomfortable afternoon.


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