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Predators win, forget score while TV Station forgets what team actually accomplished

As a long time TV Veteran who has spent time working in both News and Sports Departments, I can tell you News people really don't know much about Sports.

And when the two worlds collide during a show---the result is often not pretty or good.

Sunday night on the heels of the Nashville Predators beating the St. Louis Blues 3-1 to advance to the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs--the two worlds (News and Sports) again collided.

Nashville's NBC Affiliate WSMV like the other TV stations locally had wall-to-wall coverage of the event which would have been great except who ever typed in the "Super" line for said coverage---got a bit ahead of themselves, or didn't know the difference.

Predators fans immediately panicked---hoping they didn't just get jinxed:

That was one of the milder reactions---

Yes, sports fans are a superstitious bunch--but so are Sports teams and players. Still this mistake was glaring. And in the world of the internets, it spread like wildfire....

And, for what it is worth--the Predators themselves made a bit of a mistake. They forgot to count an empty net goal at the end of the game when they Tweeted the score.


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