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The Red Sox vs. Orioles Series in Fenway has Officially Gotten Weird

If you are a baseball fan and have been following this weeks series between the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox, some out-of-the-ordinary things have been happening.

The first happened on Monday night when Orioles star Centerfielder Adam Jones says he was racially taunted and had stuff thrown at him during the game. The incident angered Jones, the Orioles and the Red Sox.

Tuesday night the Boston fans tried to make up for it.

Meanwhile---later in the game Tuesday we saw one of the strangest "Triple Plays" you'll ever see. And it was all because of a misunderstanding and misplayed fly ball that was dropped in short centerfield.

So here is an explainer: Red Sox OF Jackie Bradley launches a fly ball that was behind Shortstop J.J. Hardy...Hardy was backpedalling and tried to make the play but dropped the ball.

Meanwhile, Mitch Moreland--the runner on 2nd drifted off the bag and tried to return. Hardy's throw beat him and Moreland was tagged out. 2B Jonathan Schoop stepped on second base doubling off Dustin Pedroia who was on 1st but should have tried to advance on the play.

And to finish the play, Schoop threw to first base where Pedroia was standing--and Bradley should have been standing. He wasn't.

The Red Sox were completely confused, they thought Bradley's ball was ruled an "Infield Fly". It wasn't.

Since nobody advanced---then yup, we got a triple play.

It didn't hurt the Sox, they won 5-2 but it sure made for one heck of a strange night in Beantown.....

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