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Texas Two-Step: Astros and Rangers get pushy on the field

It's still early in the Major League Baseball season but already tensions between the neighboring Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are high.

The two teams--separated by only a couple hours on the highway got into a bit of a kerfuffle Monday night after Astros pitcher Lance McCullers pitch went behind the back of Rangers DH Mike Napoli in the 6th inning.

Napoli had hit a towering HR off the Astros pitcher earlier in the night and Rangers pitcher Andrew Cashner had hit two Astros.

The intent of the pitch was not made clear but what was made clear is the two teams do not like each other as after McCullers and Napoli exchanged unpleasant words--tempers flared and the benches cleared.

((HT: FS Rangers/MLB))

And in the world of baseball--you know it is on when the bullpens come charging in for no apparent reason too.....

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