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Edmonton Oilers fans take over when mic craps out during National Anthem

Canadian Hockey fans are traditionally an amazing bunch when it comes to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The noise in any of the arenas hosting a game is relentless and often the fans will cheer in unison.

That spirit of camaraderie took over Sunday night in Edmonton when The Oilers squared off at home vs. The Anaheim Ducks.

As is tradition---before the puck drops--someone comes out and plays both the Canadian and American National Anthems, partially because most NHL teams are located in one country or the other.

Kicking off Game 3 was local singer Brett Kissel who stepped up to the mic, guitar in hand and ready to get the fans on their feet.

One problem: The microphone didn't work--or at least wasn't providing return audio. So Kissel improvised and immediately got the fired up Edmonton crowd to take over.

And take over they did:

The move worked. The already antsy and excited crowd got even more dialed in and The Oilers took full advantage, downing the Ducks 6-3. The Oilers still trail in the series 2 games to 1, but now have their "Memorable Moment".

Game 4 is Wednesday night again in Edmonton.....

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