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Sulley Muntari Given Yellow Card Over Racist Chants Complaints

((HT: SkySports Italia))

Stories like this one don't need English to let you know what's going on...

For this one, we go to Serie A and the Pescara-Cagliari match and what you'll see is Muntari complaining to referee Daniele Minelli. The post-match analysis is in Italian, but you'll see the point...

Minelli gave Muntari a yellow card and the AFP was there for post-match interviews with Muntari as given by World Soccer Talk:

“They shouted at me from the beginning of the game, and in the first half I saw children in the group, so I went to their parents and gave them my jersey to set an example and to say you are not supposed to do that,” he said.

“I tried to reason with them but the referee told me I had to stop. That’s when I got pissed off. Why did he not stop the match?

“I am not a victim, but I am convinced that if they stopped the matches, this kind of thing would not happen any more.”

The protest you see Muntari giving the ref and the Calgiari fans was him saying, later confirmed, that "Enough! This is my color! This is my color!"

Sadly, Muntari was on the pitch for AC Milan four seasons ago when Kevin Prince Boateng left the pitch for being taunted as well.


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