Buff Bagwell Chair Shots Jerry Lawler: Memphis Gets Revenge

((HT: 929ESPN Memphis))

Part of the entertainment at Memphis Grizzlies home games is the pro wrestling riffs that happen.

Usually, it involves the mascot, Grizz, doing a splash on the second level through a table (last time out it was on X-Pac) for the end spot. Last night, it was an appearance by Buff Bagwell and Jerry Lawler to trigger the story line...

First stage was Lawler cutting a promo and Bagwell takes exception- FROM BEHIND!

But, then, as always Grizz gets the last word on the whole night as the fans got ready for the fourth quarter... LAW-LER!!! GET THE TABLE!!! And a "Spurs fan" paid the price...

((HT: Ben Creighton's Twitter))

For those of you not familiar with the Grizzlies Wrestling Nights, Geoff Calkins at the Commercial Appeal has the background from a story from last month. And the read is worth your time...

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