Slaps, Tax Evasion, And Gambling: And We're Talking Soccer...

((HT: SKY Sports))

Let's just say it's been a busy morning overseas...

And it's all in the Premier League in some form or fashion...

First stop, Sunderland... and they have enough problems as it is facing down the notion of being relegated with a six-pointer with Middlesbrough staring them in the face Tuesday afternoon.

Manager David Moyes has been charged by the governing body, the FA, of "bringing the game into disrepute" after telling the BBC's Vicki Sparks in a recent presser: ""It was getting a wee bit naughty at the end there so just watch yourself. You still might get a slap, even though you're a woman."

Adding: "Careful the next time you come in."

Moyes had since apologized, but he now has until the 3rd of May to respond to the charge- which might mean his tenure at the club will be served out in the stands instead of the touch line.

Here's the apology, thanks to Beanyman Sports...

A 5-million pound tax and insurance fraud case is ongoing and the raids at Newcastle also included the arrest of Newcastle's managing director Lee Charnley. The HMRC is looking into the taxes paid (or not paid) involving transfer fees and image rights for both clubs.


"The decision effectively forces me into an early retirement from playing football. To be clear from the outset here this is not match fixing and at no point in any of this is my integrity in question.

"I accept that I broke the rules governing professional footballers, but I do feel the penalty is heavier than it might be for other less controversial players. I have fought addiction to gambling and provided the FA with a medical report about my problem. I'm disappointed it wasn't taken into proper consideration."

The folks over at TalkSport reacted...

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