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Hockey Fight: ECHL Hockey being ECHL Hockey during the Playoffs

There are Hockey Fights and then there are "Hockey Fights". And if one were to rank the intensity and scope of fights, this brawl between the Florida Everglades and Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL may be at the top of the list.

The Solar Bears were leading 3-0 Saturday night in Game 4 of their best of 7 series with the Everglades and the game was nearing a close---when this happened....

((ht: ft.wayne journal gazette))


Five players from each team (all on the ice at the time) got game Misconducts. Meanwhile Mitchell Heard of the Everglades was suspended 3 games and teammate Jake Baker was fined and suspended for the next game.

The game itself featured 39 penalties for 182 minutes of penalty time. Not unheard of in the ECHL but still alarming.

Amazingly, the Everblades won Game 5 of the Series by a 5-1 score in Orlando, though the Solar Bears still hold a 3-2 series lead.

Game 6 will be played on the Everblades home ice near Fort Myers tonight (Tuesday)---at 7:30.

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