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Jim Harbaugh playing catch at a Mall in Rome, Italy

Because of course University Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh and his team are currently in the midst of touring--and occasionally practicing in Italy.

Yes, that's right. While most College Football teams conduct their "Spring Practice" in the comfort and sometimes crazy whether at home, Harbaugh is taking his Wolverines globetrotting.

Once again, there's no NCAA Regulation that says he can't and thanks to an apparent generous Michigan Alumnus, Harbaugh and his charges are indeed seeing the sites and sounds of Rome and other Italian landmarks.

However--we should note this: Harbaugh--again dressed in his khaki pants/blue sweatshirt/Michigan Hat uniform ran a bit afoul of the Italian authorities.

It was all in good fun as he and a couple players were playing catch, with a the middle of a Mall.

Mall Security laughed about it...but also shut the game down.


In the meantime, the coach and players do appear to be having quite the time.....

Never change Jim Harbaugh----never change....

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