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Jazz Mascot reminds Clippers fan to not mess with Kids

There are certain unwritten fan rules that most fans adhere to. The biggest---don't mess with the kids because they are the ones who get the most out of attending games.

Sunday night during the Utah Jazz's 105-98 NBA Playoff win over the Los Angeles Clippers (series now tied at 2), the Jazz held a competition of sorts between quarters which put the contestants inside of an inflatable ball.

Your contestants: An adult wearing a Los Angeles Clippers jersey and a kid. And for reasons unknown (unless he was a plant) the adult built up a head of steam, knocking the kid out of play.

In stepped Jazz Bear, the Utah mascot. Jazz came from the other end of the court, got a head of steam and plowed the guy in the Clippers jersey, knocking him totally off the court.

Meanwhile the kid regained his composure and cruised across the finish line.

Because this happened in Utah--we don't know if the Clippers guy was a plant to make Jazz look like a hero or not---but it doesn't make this any less Wow!.....


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