Ilie Nastase's Tennis Meltdown May Cost Him A Career

((HT: BBC/Federation Cup))

Romania and Great Britain are playing in the Federation Cup and in the singles match involving Johanna Konta, he melted down... and the HQ means full-blown nuclear meltdown

Here's the short version...

Reports out of the tournament were that he called the British players, Konta and Anne Keothavong, "f'n bitches..." (and, yes, the HQ edited the outburst's high point). The comment drove Konta to tears on the court and the umpire stopped the match to allow Konta to collect herself.

The long version...

The day before, Nastase made a comment about Serena Williams' unborn child: "Let's see what color it has...? Chocolate with milk...?"


Earlier today, Nastase went after the reporter of the story on Williams. Eleanor Crooks, Press Association Sport tennis correspondent, was berated in the press room by Nastase and the Telegraph has the highlights:

Ms Crooks said: "He repeatedly called me stupid, asked me why what he said was racist.

"I explained we simply reported what he said and that it was unnecessary to make such a comment about colour. He said the English were out to get him and called me stupid a few more times.

"Fortunately he was across the other side of the room from me and there were other journalists around so it was unpleasant rather than threatening.

And, if that wasn't all... the backstory gets weirder. Nastase asked for Keothavong's phone number on multiple occasions during the introductory pressers. Problem there is she's married and pregnant...

Nastase was escorted from the grounds, but in the process of leaving, he went after ANOTHER reporter...

His national career as a coach is surely done after this...

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