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How to Catch a Baseball--With a Cap at a Major League Baseball Game

Before you can put a disclaimer on this and say "Don't try this at home"...we have born witness more than once to people making this kind of a catch with a baseball.

And it is a hell of a lot less painful on the hands.

Check out this fan at Friday night's Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland A's game in Oaktown....

A foul ball in the bottom of the fourth inning heads straight for him. Which considering the amount of empty chairs---is no easy thing.

Upon realizing he may actually have a shot at the ball, he quickly reaches out, grabs the cap off his head and grabs the ball. It appears another fan comes to congratulate him--and at least to us--tries to steal the ball.

But Cap Man holds on--makes the play and is your OSG Sports highlight of the night....

On a personal note---perhaps the best "Hat Catch" I've ever seen: It happened in 1997 during an inter-league series between the Yankees and Braves. Yours truly was at the park early with long-time pal Tom Leonard who was enjoying a frozen lemonade watching batting practice in Right Field at Turner Field.

Tino Martinez lofted a long batting-practice shot to the right field seats---coming right at us.

In mid-conversation, Tom kept talking, casually grabbed the Braves cap off his head while holding the lemonade and grabbed the home run shot. And gave it to a nearby kid.

True an era before social media so it was never seen or recorded. Only witnessed....

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