Yes, Vanderbilt's Football Team Produced a Sorority Recruitment Video

Um, yeah, so this is...or may be really hard to explain. Kind of one of those "Had to Be There" kind of things.

Vanderbilt Football TE Sam Dobbs and a handful of teammates decided for reasons unknown to produce what they termed a "Sorority Recruitment Video" for the teams 2017 Black and Gold Banquet.

We can only assume there was some sort of video competition and if indeed that is/was the case---we'd be surprised if this wasn't a contender for the title. (Upon further check--it was a video competition)

We're pretty sure this is a straight on parody...though we're guessing someone may take this the wrong way. And either way---I'm guessing considering the Commodores track record in recent years (yes, we know they were better in 2016)....this video could potentially come back to haunt them.

Watch in bewilderment--much like we did...