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Fired FB Coach Suing State On Racial Discrimination Charge

((HT: WAPT-TV Jackson, Miss))

The firing of former head football coach Harold Jackson has now taken an interesting turn in the state of Mississippi as he now squares off against his old employer- Jackson State University.

Jackson is now suing the state Institute for Higher Learning (IHL) for "illegal hiring practices based on race."

Jackson was fired after a little less than two years on the sidelines...

Jackson was fired with a little under two years left on his deal that would have paid the coach a little under $330,000. He was handed a check for $65,000 and the university thought the matter was resolved.

Jackson's lawyer, John Hall, is making the point that the coaches at the other schools in the state (Ole Miss, USM, and Mississippi State) would be given their full compensation if fired without cause. Those dollar figures are substantially higher than HBCU economics.

Hall is looking for Jackson to be reimbursed the full amount of what was left in the contract. He is also wanting HBCU schools who have black head coaches to be more on par, financially, with their state counterparts.

“This is not about winning football games or losing football games. This is about right and wrong and illegal employment practices,” Hall told WAPT.

The HQ isn't thinking this will end up well for the plaintiff...

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