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18 Alcorn State Football Players Arrested For On-Campus Brawl

((HT: Caribbean Cultures YouTube))

  • Trae Ferrell

  • Leshaun Ealey

  • Deago Sama

  • Jalen Thomas

  • Terrence Wilson

  • Michael Brooks

  • Javeon Morrison

  • Daniel Franklin

  • Terry Whittington

  • Kwanzi Jackson

  • Quintin Smith

  • Jayron Harness

  • True Gibson

  • Randall Tucker

  • Cornelle Gilmore

  • Aaron Baker

  • Marquis Warford

  • Sterling Shippery

  • Darren Anderson

  • Ramonte Bell

The University has released a statement- knowing that the spring game is set for this weekend as well:

"Alcorn State University is aware of an incident involving students Monday, April 10. Maintaining a safe and secure campus community is the institution’s top priority. Campus Police investigates all instances of student misconduct thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary actions are implemented in accordance with Alcorn’s Student Code of Conduct."

The players are all set to have court appearances next Friday...

Here's the coverage from our friends at WAPT in Jackson

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