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BAL's Trey Mancini: Super Rookie

Trey Mancini (Image courtesy: Creative Commons)

BALTIMORE - Oriole rookie Trey Mancini has played in only seven of Baltimore's 12 games this season.

However, he leads the team in .AVG, OBP, slugging percentage, HRs, and RBI...even though he's not a full-time position player.

The re-signing of Mark Trumbo, the moving of OF Joey Rickard, and the fact he doesn't have an open position hurt Mancini's chances from Day One. Rickard and his strained finger come off the 10-day DL this week, and both he and Mancini have minor league options still on the table. However, with his power numbers what they are right now, manager Buck Showalter would be stupid to send the hot Notre Dame rookie back to Bowie.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Mancini's two 2-HR games in April make him one of four players in MLB history - all the way back to 1876 - to have multiple HR games in the opening month. Obviously these numbers are unsustainable, but I think it insures him a roster spot.

And how can you tell when a player is hot? When players in hitting slumps borrow your bat and then crush home runs!

“So Trey hits his second home run and [Craig] Gentry grabs his bat and says, ‘I’m going to give that bat a try’ [and he] hits a home run," Showalter told’s Dhiren Mahiban. "Manny [Machado] says, ‘You know what? Give me that bat’ and Manny hit a home run so all of them with Mancini’s bat — I’ve never seen that before."

While it's still early, the Orioles continue to win games with the longball, since their starting pitching is suspect. If your gameplan features your power hitters (Crush Davis, Trumbo, Adam Jones, Machado), then why not keep Mancini in your dugout?

As long as his numbers don't fall dramatically, Showalter, GM Dan Duquette, and owner Peter Angelos will surely ride the hot rookie through the competitive AL East.

That's just my .02...


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